Emergency Lighting System

  • Wireless LED brake lights on the rear of the officer’s helmet alerts oncoming motorists when brakes are applied
  • Wireless LED light bar is activated when the officer is responding to an emergency
  • Emergency lights oscillate from amber to blue or red to blue, when activated by vehicle 


High Definition Surveillance Camera (Optional)

  • Built-in, concealed camera with wireless activation records officer's direct line of sight
  • High definition camera is rechargeable, hands-free and self-activating in tandem with the emergency light system, which makes camera operation effortless
  • STG encryption technology makes storing data secure and pain free

Product Details

  • Base unit transmits encrypted signals to helmet
  • Accelerometer registers deceleration
  • Deceleration controls brake light intensity
  • High impact activates emergency ‘All On’ function for helmet and motorcycle which turns on all emergency lights on the helmet and the motorcycle and transmits a distress signal to officer’s phone; phone then transmits GPS and a distress signal to headquarters
  • Activates helmet video and audio recording if not already on

product description