Strategic Technology Group

STG, has developed a patented LED, high Definition hi resolution State of the art camera for The Secret Service Law-enforcement officer. To Enhance safety awareness for the officer while assisting in emergency response

Retired professional basketball player in the NBA, currently coaching at his alma mater UNLV.  Stacey is the founder of the nationally recognized motorcycle club "Onetenguilty". And an advocate and user of the STG Helmet Lighting System.

David Kinaan - director of marketing

Stacey Augmon  - spokesperson

Helmet awareness system

The NEW Seer / STG Law Enforcement Emergency Lighting System


Sergeant David Kinaan retired in 2012 as the supervisor of the California Highway Patrol Academy's Motorcycle Training Unit.  Sergeant Kinaan was an active member of the CHP for nearly 29 years and started riding enforcement motorcycles for the CHP in 1989.  Sergeant Kinaan served in the Central Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Westminster and North Sacramento Areas before coming to the Academy's Motorcycle Training Unit in 2008.

Strategic Technology Group "STG" law enforcement helmets were developed as part of our innovative public safety products using advanced technologies to enhance modes of transportation. Motorcycles typically only have one brake light, mounted on the rear fender, which is usually below the line of sight of a driver in a typical passenger vehicle.  With the growth in popularity of SUVs and other high profile vehicles, the ability of drivers to recognize the motorcycle brake light is further diminishing.  Our primary goal is to bring into alignment the existing federal mandate for center high-mounted brake lights that has been a successful standard regulation in the United States since 1986 affecting all automobiles.

STG Safety Helmets